Battersea Power Station

How does a neglected neighborhood become the talk of the town? Battersea Power Station Development turned to Light Art Collection to create bespoke light art experiences that would attract visitors to the London’s newest urban development.

Between the 1930s to 1980s, Battersea Power Station supplied up to a fifth of London's electricity at its peak.After falling into disuse for decades, it was purchased for redevelopment with an ambitious vision: to transform the 42-acre heritage site into an exciting new community of homes, retail and hospitality hotspots, cultural venues and open spaces.

How could new residents be drawn to the location and convinced of its potential while it was still a huge reconstruction project?

Power to the people

In our first year working with Battersea Power Station’s in-house curator, we exhibited 5 pieces from our collection—artworks that were colorful, accessible, and broadly appealing, but would also stand up to the impressive scale of the former Power Station.

Our partnership has since expanded along with the development. From placing art in what was essentially a raw reconstruction site in 2020, to designing the integration of light art into a fully functional community in 2023, we consistently tailor our offering to serve the ever-evolving needs of a growing local population.

Light brings life

As trust in our expertise deepens over the years, we discover and deliver new possibilities—whether driving more footfall to commercial areas or using light art to create a visual signature as recognizable as Battersea’s iconic chimneys.

Playing to our strengths and expertise, our flourishing partnership enables us to take a greater role in curatorial decisions, helping shape Battersea’s artistic and cultural vision for years to come.

Light art was the spark Battersea Power Station needed to inspire possibility, revitalize a neighborhood, and shine as a beacon of innovation for modern urban living.

We can’t wait for what comes next!