Eternal Sundown

Eternal Sundown is a city sun; fluorescent lights in powerful colours give the viewer a joyful feeling. However, the work has no intentions to look like a natural sunset, the artist deliberately used materials that give the work a post- apocalyptic feel. Will this manmade sun be the only source of light when the polluted air will not let the real sunshine through anymore? Or is this piece a sign of hope and a new source of sustainable power? 

Eternal Sundown had its premiere at the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen 2009. The artist has been re-using the 140 original fluorescent tubes for various light installations over the past 10 years. To keep up with technological developments and sustainability goals, the old fluorescent tubes have now been replaced by energy-saving LED tubes.

About the artist

Mads Vegas has been working professionally with light the last 20 years. His work mainly consists out of lighting designs for theatre, but he also made many designs for concerts, festivals, arts, and social events, as well as light installations in public space. As a light artist, Mads Vegas has made large light installations in, among others, Ørstad Nord, Copenhagen and the Renzo Piano's Auditorium concert hall in Rome.

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