Picto Sender Machine is a welcome change in a time that we are used to seeing films, television programmes, and photographs in high definition.

The ‘machine’ consists of an enormous low-resolution screen of 434 enlarged pixels in which your movements are translated into blocks of light.  But how much is left of your original message? It forces you to express yourself in the simplest, most instinctive way.

About the artist

Felipe Prado (1981) is a Chilean multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in the visualisation of music. He creates multimedia and video installations, animations, photographs, visuals for live performances, video clips, and complete visual identities. In addition, Prado creates light art installations that often include an element of audience participation. These installations have been exhibited at (music) festivals around the world.


Janus van den Eijnden (header), Bart Heemskerk