Has the moon fallen from the sky? Everyone understands that Moonburn is ‘just’ a large balloon that has been decorated with fluorescent paint. Although considerably smaller than the real moon – 6 meters as compared to 3,475 kilometers – the balloon appears larger...

For Stichting Barstow, it wasn’t enough just to imitate the moon. They had to add something, something to connect the moon with the city. Better yet, connect the moon to the craziness of the city, the lights and the crowds.

The solution was fluorescent paint. Now the moon reflects the light of its surroundings. At night, the moon charges with the energy radiated by the city. In return, Moonburn ensures temporary insanity in the minds of those who look up and find themselves in another dimension. The last stop before total absurdity.

About the Artist

Stichting Barsow is an artist collective founded by Steven Bos, Susan Lanting and theatre maker Gover Meit. They graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2009, after which Bos en Lanting continued their studies at the Sandberg Institute. Stichting Barstow has a passion for the spectacular, for artworks that don’t find themselves in the confines of white walled spaces but in the public space for all to admire their compelling presence. The art installations made by Stichting Barstow immerses the audience in a world where other laws apply: the laws of spectacle.

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© Janus van den Eijnden