Run Beyond

Quiz question: What is the world record long jump? Run Beyond, created by Angelo Bonello, provokes that question, because the jump the man in this work takes, seems impossibly far. The keyword here is ‘seems’, because, according to Bonello, nothing is impossible if only you want it badly enough.

Run Beyond is a work about the jump we all have to take in our lives: the jump to freedom. Bonello does not tell us what kind of freedom, the spectator has to make up his own mind about that.

Bonello: "To me this work is about the power of imagination, a power so strong that it makes individuals conquer their fears and limitations and causes them to open up to other cultures, new friendships and unknown worlds." In Dutch there is the saying: ‘If someone jumps into the ditch, do you go after him?’, intended as a caution not to just follow everybody and everything. In this case we would like to give you the opposite advise: please do jump after this enlightened man.

About the artist

Turin-born artist Angelo Bonello was exposed to art at a young age. As a child he was taught how to paint and create sculptures by his teacher, the impressionist artist Sergio Manfredi. For many years, Bonello lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from Paris to Mexico, Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro. Since 1997 he has been living in Rome where he runs KitonB with Alberta Nunziante. Their work is characterized by a stylistic approach, based on the dimensional deformations of spaces.

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