Talking Heads

As human beings we are capable of numerous facial expressions by the use of several dozens of muscles. It enables us to show all kinds of emotions to someone else, hoping that the other will understand us and react adequately. When you look sad, I am inclined to comfort you. When I laugh I invite you to join me in laughing. Communicating without using words.

The two spectacular heads created by the Hungarian light artist Viktor Vicsek also show countless emotions and react to each other. Unlike people these Talking Heads don’t do it by means of muscles, but through all the possibilities of light. Per head some 4000 individually controllable LEDs provide different facial expressions and they conduct conversations by means of light.

But what is it exactly they’re saying to each other and to the visitors? A word is enough to the wist, as the saying goes. We are curious what your facial expression will be watching this extraordinary project.

About the artist

Viktor Vicsek was born in Serbia but has been living in Budapest, Hungary, for the biggest part of his life. The last 20 years he has been working in light and projection. Vicsek spent a couple of years at the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as well. From designing projections for theatre scenes and interactive dance performances to 3D animations for projection mapping with his company limelight. His animations were projected in cities such as New York, São Paulo, Montevideo, Tokyo, Sharjah, Dubai and light festivals in Poland, Slovakia and Finland.

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