Through the universal language of meaningful light art experiences, we connect, move and enlighten people all over the world.


We believe that light art can be appreciated by anyone anywhere, brighten all spaces and sparkle people. This is why light art, if you ask us, should be made accessible and seen up close by as many people as possible. As part of our mission, we seek out exhibition opportunities, professional partnerships and to provide artists with an international stage to exhibit. This is why we have an established network of professional partners worldwide, ranging from city planners, to developers, museums, artists and more.

Through our exceptional light art collection, tailored consulting, meaningful curation and high-standard production, we deliver cultural value in the forefront of light art experiences. With what is in essence a universal language, we deliver on various client wishes, connect with diverse cultures and facilitate stories worth telling. Through light art-driven experiences, we revitalize environments, shift residents and visitors’ perceptions, and create positive impact for the community.

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© Janus van der Eijnden
© Yasuhiro Chida