Upcoming events

29 Sep /
15 Oct
Bordeaux, France

FAB Festival Bordeaux

Created in 2016, the FAB is a multidisciplinary festival defending contemporary writing in all its forms of expression – performance, dance, theatre, music, visual arts, giving pride of place to hybrid and unclassifiable approaches. We are very proud to be part of this inspiring event with our fabulous piece Moonburn by Stichting Barstow!

Condensed with artistic news, FAB invests for three weeks as much of the public space of Bordeaux and its Metropolis, presenting French premieres, creations, in situ and unpublished commissions by all kinds of international artists and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

20 Oct /
29 Oct
Almere, The Netherlands

Alluminous Almere

In the fall holiday of 2023 the second edition of ALLUMINOUS, the Almere light art festival, will take place. During this event you can discover several light art works situated on a route along the Weerwater. After the big success of ALLUMINOUS’ first edition in 2022 with 30.000 visitors, the festival returns with eight new light artworks and many new features still in the works.

We will be part of this inspiring festival with 3 of our most popular installations: Sign, Illusion Hole and Talking Heads. See you there!

15 Nov /
07 Jan
London, England | Edinburgh, Scotland | Brooklyn NYC, United States

Culture Creative Illuminated Trails

Culture Creative leads in the production of illuminated trails worldwide. Blending music, fantasy, and atmosphere to create accessible family-oriented experiences, Culture Creative’s trails weave through some of the most spectacular parks and botanic gardens in the world, such as in Chicago, Houston, Boston, and San Diego in the United States, Leeds in the United Kingdom, and Perth and Sydney in Australia.

We have been linking up with Culture Creative since 2020 to explore how we could infuse art into their playful, whimsical approach to illumination. We are very happy that we are again part of their trails this winter season, enlightening Scotland, England and Brooklyn New York with some of our most popular artworks!

15 Nov /
08 Jan
Tokyo, Japan

Toranomon Light Art Tokyo

We are proud to announce that this winter we will open our first light art festival in the center of Tokyo, Japan. The festival, for which we have provided the curation and production, will exhibit 6 artworks from our collection this winter season, with the ambition to grow into a mature light art festival in the coming years - something that is not yet known in Japan.

Keep an eye on our website and socials as more info on the festival will follow soon!

24 Nov /
03 Dec
Drachten, the Netherlands

Licht op Drachten

The Dutch city of Drachten is experiencing the first edition of the new festival Licht op Drachten this year. A ten-day light art festival in and around the center of Drachten during the dark days in late autumn. In addition to a route with large and smaller light artworks, an extensive peripheral program will be set up.

With many light-based works, such as sculptures, installations and projections, the festival highlights the various squares, facades, bridges and hidden places of Drachten in a new and enchanting way. We are happy that our impressive work Bunch of Tulips by Koros Design will be on display during this new and inspiring event!


News 07 Aug 2023

Alluminous returns with second edition this fall

After the big success of ALLUMINOUS’ first edition in 2022 with 30.000 visitors, the festival returns with eight new light artworks and many new features still in the works.

News 03 Aug 2023

Moonburn illuminates FAB festival Bordeaux

We are proud to be part of the 8th International Arts Festival of Bordeaux Metropolis (FAB) this year!

News 15 Jun 2023

Lightscape returns to Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

A new light trail opens today at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne!

News 15 Jun 2023

Bilbao displays its brilliance during White Night 2023

Bilbao celebrates its 723rd anniversary with The White Night, aka “GAU ZURIA”. We're proud to present 3 of our artworks during this wonderful event!

News 29 May 2023

5 New light art installations

Five impressive Light Art installations have been included in our Light Art Collection following Amsterdam Light Festival #11

News 13 Mar 2023

First edition of Art After Dark in London

Our artwork Absorbed by Light by Gali May Lucas is selected as part of the program of the very first edition of Art After Dark in London.

News 12 Mar 2023

Festival of Lights in Zagreb

Absorbed by Light is selected for the festival of lights in Zagreb!

News 10 Feb 2023

Light is Life opened in Bergamo and Brescia, Italy

Light is Life - Festa della Luci A2A is a major event organized by A2A as part of the events scheduled to celebrate Bergamo, Brescia – Italian Capital of Culture 2023. The festival will host a number of artworks from our collection and next to that, our curator Pam Toonen is a proud member of the artistic team together with artistic director Angelo Bonello.