We have the proficiency, people, and passion

It’s not only that we live and breathe light art and have the most stunning collection of artworks.

We also have proven knowledge, vast experience and excellent technical skills while sharing the same language of our clients, partners and artists. We will make it happen, be it in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, New York, Riyadh, and in so many other places around the world. Want to know what we can do for you?



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We are a very passioned team with years of experience in exhibiting light art all over the world. Whether you are talking to our curators, technicians or logistical experts… there is no other way to put it, we simply love light art and we are eager to bring light art to people everywhere. 

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You will find a wide variety of unique artworks in our collection. It is as diverse as it is exceptional. Our ever-growing collection includes light art by international artists from diverse backgrounds, working with various media and across different disciplines. 

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We live and breathe light art. Together with artists and partners from all over the world, we are telling stories through light art to reach the hearts of people, and forge an individual experience of artwork, place and person.

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Execution is crucial. We take care of all aspects from transportation to the installation and dismantling. Therefore, our work is as technically remarkable as it is meaningful to places and people.

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Light art is all about co-creation

Whether you are a city planner, real estate developer, museum curator, festival organizer, artist or city marketeer. We are the best partner for you to co-create exceptional light art experiences anywhere in the world. We have the proficiency, people and passion.