C/C is a tangible sculpture. It lights up in the dark and could also be used as a bench. During the day, the work creates various shadows only to transform into a colourful lightshow during the evening.

Chong wanted to use the property of a material and create a sculpture which functions as a seat for the public. The work gives the area a futuristic feel. Made from thick sheets of transparent acryl, this system uses coloured LED lights that reflect in the material and change colours in a rhythmic and dynamic way. 

About the artist

Angela Chong creates art installations using light and sound. She is influenced by literature, music, poetry and film. She often integrates stories in her objects thereby fading the line between fiction and reality. Using light and darkness in her installations, she entices her audience to question the emotional attachment between the object and its owner, in the context of history and site-specificity.

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