Artists amigo & amigo use lights to show intense emotions.

They convey feelings like love and sadness by using various colour combinations. But this can also work the other way around! A digitally controlled medium, like this installation, can also affect our mood. The artists based the shape (a ‘parabola’) on the Fibonacci spiral. If you divide this spiral into blocks, each block would be the same size as the two blocks next to it. Since the spiral is so common in nature – look at the shape of a snail’s shell - we often intuitively find objects with similar proportions to be beautiful.

About the artist

Peruvian artist Renzo B. Larriviere (1985, pictured) and Australian artist Simone Chua (xxxx) met while studying industrial design at the University of Technology in Sydney. They enjoyed working together and started their own light design agency amigo & amigo in 2012. Their large-scale, technically complex light installations are often playful and invite the audience to interact. They are usually positioned in the public space, like their artwork Affinity which was exhibited outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney in 2015.


Bart Heemskerk (Header), Janus van den Eijnden