Light art sparks joy in us. And surely, we are not alone in this.

We are very proud to work with an ever-growing network of artists. The light artworks they create are as diverse as they are exceptional. We collaborate with both young talents as well as well-known artists working in multiple disciplines and with various media. In addition, we are eager to immerse ourselves in local artistic communities, to meet new creators who can add a unique value to the exhibitions we curate.


At the core of our collection is a vast selection of light artworks commissioned for and co-created by Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year, the festival enriches the field of light art, by issuing an open call for new talent and commissioning established artists from all over the world. After the festival period in Amsterdam, a selection of its most innovative and remarkable artworks becomes part of our collection. In addition to these unique Amsterdam pieces, our collection consists of a growing number of other impressive light art installations, which are carefully selected by our curator.

Partner for artists

Bringing light art to diverse audiences in the public space is not without challenges. We are driven and strive to be the best partner for our artists by taking care of any technical or production challenge out there: transport, customs, building up the installation, storage etc.

We are set on achieving the highest artistic value with everything we do. In this mission, we guard the artists’ dream, the location’s features, and the needs of the community alike.


We thrive on quality and innovation of light art and therefore we find it important to enable artists to make new work. With Amsterdam Light Festival we have developed a circular strategic model, to exhibit, promote and continuously invest in the future of light art. Together we  are on a journey to ensure that light art retains its permanent place on the international art scene.

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© Janus van der Eijnden
© Eric Danhier
© Squidsoup