This is it, be here now

In 1979, the multimedia artist Rudi Stern published his 'Let There Be Neon', a history of the application of neon lighting. Stern died in 2006, but he would have been happy with this neon artwork by Tropism.

This is it, be here now flashes in different colours. Clear and simple; exactly what neon represents. It lures the visitor with seductive colours after which the light goes out. Intangible, flickering in the periphery of your field of vision - that's how neon should be.

About the artist

Tropism Art & Science Collective was founded in 1986 by Alfred Marseille, Robin Noorda and Bob van Walderveen †. Current members also include Menno Schrap, Margot van de Stolpe, Paul Godschalk and a range of guest Tropists. Taking their lead from the biological phenomenon, the Tropists are a Dutch collective of installation artists, photographers, media artists, designers, cineasts and scientists. In their work they deal with phenomena occurring literally or figuratively at the edge of perception - events that are hardly noticed, but which lead to a reaction similar to the manner in which a plant responds to light (e.g. phototropism.) The Tropists feel a great affinity with the natural world and their works seek to depict natural phenomena in new and unusual ways.

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