We are happy that we have partnered up with Stavros Niarchos Park for the fifth time this winter!
This year the beautiful park in Athens, Greece, is transformed into a luminous nightscape vibrating with energy and movement, through the large-scale light installations by four renowned foreign creators and one Greek entry that was selected following an open call in the context of this year’s broader theme for the park’s light installations, Gatherings: People Coming Together.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a meeting point for people, ideas and cultures. People of all ages, of every race, free from discriminations, gather in all of its spaces, with no restrictions, on any occasion of their life, in smaller or larger groups, at times to attend the events offered at the SNFCC all year round. At Christmastime, the Cultural Center puts on its festive gear and every nook and cranny of its premises is lit up to welcome and embrace this meeting of people, this coming together, its public, on a great festive occasion: Gatherings.

Luminous, airy shapes and grids and sparkling compositions make up a choreography of light, provoking interaction with the viewer, while at the same time enhancing, through the embodied experience, the interaction of visitors with public space and the dynamics of human coexistence within it.

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© Theofilos Venardos / SNFCC