In the fall holiday of 2023 the second edition of ALLUMINOUS, the Almere light art festival, will take place. During this event you can discover several light art works situated on a route along the Weerwater. After the big success of ALLUMINOUS’ first edition in 2022 with 30.000 visitors, the festival returns with eight new light artworks and many new features still in the works.

Almere’s theatre companies partner up with ALLUMINOUS
Next to 3 impressive installations from our collection, ALLUMINOUS will organize the festival with four theatre companies from Almere: Vis à Vis, Suburbia, Gouden Haas, and BonteHond all partner with ALLUMINOUS to create a program that goes beyond the traditional concept of light art. Not just light art objects, but theatrical installations will rise in the cityscape surrounding the lake, responding to Almere’s unique nature and architecture. These four theatre companies have in the past years become renowned by their characteristic, daring productions, gaining a massive audience reach and garnering national recognition for their artistic quality. At ALLUMINOUS, they will bring their artistic energy by selecting talented theatre creatives to work on the program on behalf of the company.

Light art with a twist
ALLUMINOUS presents light art with a twist, by commissioning talented creatives from the theatre to create new artworks with artists from the realms of visual art and design. These duo’s will explore through their cross-disciplinary partnership a new terrain for light art, emerging from combination of the experimental qualities of visual art and the foundational characteristics of Almere’s theater companies, known to the city’s audiences, from Vis à Vis, Suburbia, Gouden Haas and BonteHond.

We hope to see you there!