Pulse Light Festival

In 2018, the Hong Kong Tourism Board decided to mount the largest open-air light festival in Hong Kong history. Dubbed Pulse, the festival featured ‘A Symphony of Lights,’ a light-and-sound show played across the city’s iconic Victoria Harbour skyline of towering skyscrapers, and an exhibition of interactive light art installations.

We partnered with the Events department of the Hong Kong Tourism Board to provide pieces from our collection to be showcased at the Central Harbourfront. For the first time, we were given an unusual challenge: midway through the festival, we needed to replace half of the selection with a fresh dose of new artwork.

This became an important consideration in our curatorial process, with its own set of logistical factors as well.

Local partners, global appeal

As is our specialty, we curated a selection of colorful, interactive and photogenic artworks to create the full light art experience for Pulse. We provided a turnkey solution for the festival, taking care of everything from transport and logistics to installation and dismantling, with one central point of contact. This way, our partners can simplify the entire process of production, without sacrificing expertise and quality.

Our on-ground production partner fielded a team that took care of the setup within five days, except for a handful of local artworks, which we made sure to integrate carefully into the overall festival experience.

The organization and professionalism of our partners at the Hong Kong Tourism Board, combined with a stellar technical team and the international appeal of our installations made Pulse a well-publicized event, a sparkling delight for residents and tourists alike.


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Artworks on display 2018-2019


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