Reflecting Holons

Reflecting Holons is a kinetic installation that immerses and surrounds its audience with ephemeral magic of light and movement. 

Jetske Visser and Michiel Martens call their mesmerising objects they stumbled upon by experimenting with reflecting materials Holons. Long strips of oil like transparent foil combined with digital controlling become a visual entity reflecting the lights around them as if they were water drops. The installation creates a bridge between the analogue and the digital, as the movements of the Holons are digitally directed, and the physical shape is balancing between material aspects, physics and size.

About the artist

Michiel Martens and Jetske Visser are an artist duo. Central to Martens & Visser’s work are the themes of movement and transformation inspired by nature, thereby sharing the thought of things being dynamic rather than static. Striving for a quality that mixes marvel and wonder at a surprising (in)sight and use of material and digital techniques. Particular to their way of working, they combine Martens’ craftsmanship and boyhood-like re-imagination of the existing and Visser’s delicate experimental use of material.

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