Birds Fly Around With You

Birds Fly Around With You is an interactive light sculpture which will enchant young and old. Theinstallation is based on the zoetrope, a machine that preceded cinema. In this machine adisk is rotated at a certain speed; anyone who looks through a small slot can see a figure that appears to move.

A visitor who comes in close proximity of this installation will start the machine. The birds light up one by one and thus create the illusion that they are flying. As more people move around the artwork, more birds will fly. This technical miracle has been developed, designed and programmed by the artist.

About the artist

Originally a Motion designer, Masamichi Shimada (1978) has been focused on creating light art for many years. In his installations, Shimada combines light and a range of other materials such as wood, paper, metal, and plastic. He attempts not only to exhibit beautiful images but also to enhance the life of the viewer. His motto is “creativity to make smiles”. For international exhibitions at museums and festivals, he often finds inspiration in stories that are unique to the local culture.

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