Flowering Phantasm

Plants and animals have various, special qualities. What if we would combine them? Imagine: a carnivorous plant that can change colour. Flowering Phantasm refers to these fantasy organisms. 

You see an unknown object before you. Is it a flower? A carnivorous plant? An animal? Odom’s Flowering Phantasm is a flower-like object that responds to both sunlight and people. This idea is based on the relationship between man and nature. In other words: how do we feel about nature, how do we react to it and connect with it?

About the artist

Clay Dorse Odom is an assistant professor for the Interior Design Program at The University of Texas School of Architecture. Next to this he is the principal of Studio MODO, a design practice in Austin that is specialized in design research. Odom mainly researches the material and fleeting immaterial effects of interior. Since 2013 his work can be found in America, Canada, Europa and Australia with various expositions, publications, conference talks and lectures.

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