At Light Art Collection, we pride ourselves being able to solve problems, think on our feet and act quickly. When Göteborg & Co came to us with just eight weeks to produce a Covid-proof alternative for its beloved Christmas festival, Julstaden, our resourcefulness and agility was put to the test.

As the official tourism organization of Gothenburg, Sweden, Göteborg & Co has its hands full: bringing in tourists, organizing events and conferences, and promoting the city as a vibrant and sustainable destination.

From mid-November each year, it’s all about Julstaden, which features festive concerts, markets, cultural events, even a theme park. But in the winter of 2020-2021, Göteborg & Co’s plans were frozen by the global pandemic.

Creative solutions at the speed of light

Göteborg & Co came to us just in the nick of time. At Light Art Collection, we pride ourselves on being an agile organization who can solve problems, think on our feet and act quickly. Within one week of their request, we flew off to Gothenburg in search of creative possibilities.

Our Covid-proof proposal: a light art walking route through the city. Göteborg & Co trusted us to take the lead from day one. We spearheaded the creation of the route, curated the artworks, and delivering a full, professional turnkey solution within eight weeks.

Nine artworks from our collection were featured in the route, which was happily received by the citizens of Gothenburg. Together with Göteborg & Co, we’re pleased to have brought color, life, art and culture outdoors at a time when it was needed most—with speed, creativity and enthusiasm.