Today I Love You

“Today I Love You.” A simple yet magical sentence, as if from a dream you don’t want to end. But it also raises questions: you might love me today, but what about tomorrow?

Uberti has written the sentence in light. The words have thus become matter. This way you can enjoy the uplifting words again and again. That is exactly what Uberti has in mind: "It is a sentence that I hope will be uttered by everyone every day." Today I love you, as I will tomorrow.

About the artist

The Italian light artist Massimo Uberti is known for minimalistic and sculptural light installations. He creates art out of simplistic shapes, often symmetrical and crafted with neon lighting. The concept of reduction is central in Uberti’s work. He abstracts his light sculptures to their very essence, hoping to increase their impact by doing so. Uberti worked together with Marco Pollice, artistic director of the family company Pollice Illuminazion, founded in 1908, a consultancy firm in the field of light.

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© Sunya KlomKliew
© Janus van der Eijnden
© Mattias Lindh