Nexus means an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things. This impressive installation is – literally and metaphorically – a huge, complex structure consisting of different compartments that create a unity together.

In Vicsek’s artworks, 200 light pipes create a smooth movement that moves upwards into the sky. The inspiration for this artwork originates from the experience of the artist as a new inhabitant of Amsterdam; how do connections between existing and new residents arise?

About the artist

Viktor Vicsek is born in Servia but has been living in Budapest, Hungary, for the biggest part of his life. The last 20 years he has been working in light and projection. Vicsek spent a couple of years at the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as well. From designing projections for theatre scenes and interactive dance performances to 3D animations for projection mapping with his company limelight. His animations were projected in cities such as New York, São Paulo, Montevideo, Tokyo, Sharjah, Dubai and light festivals in Poland, Slovakia and Finland.

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