Dubai Lights

To generate buzz and drive visitor traffic, Visit Dubai (under the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism) partnered with Light Art Collection to develop interactive, site-specific light art experiences for the first-ever Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

DSF features seven weeks of daily deals, special sales, giveaways, outdoor markets and spectacular entertainment. It is one of the many events, activations, and promotions organized by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism to highlight Dubai as a world-class destination for millions of travellers.

Our challenge: what could light art bring to an already dazzling city known for its glitz and glamour?

Commercial goals, artistic value

We kicked off a three-year agreement with DSF in a consulting capacity, beginning with a deep dive into our partners’ vision, mindset, considerations, and goals. Then we imagine possibilities, gather imagery, and light the spark of inspiration needed to jumpstart the curatorial process.

Thinking conceptually and visually alongside our partners, we collaborate with them closely to create the right atmosphere and supply the right artwork for each location. Managing multiple stakeholders in a complex organization, we help our partners achieve commercial goals with the highest artistic value.

Bright lights, bold ambitions

The varied topography of Dubai— from desert to tides to wind-swept landscapes—also posed an extra layer of complexity, which our experienced production team handled with success.

Elevating light art from background decoration for a shopping frenzy to mounting an artistic exhibition of the highest caliber, we are proud to bring artistic value to the overall DSF experience. The future looks bright for the DSF, and we are excited to be part of it.