Sphere 3D Spectrum

Just as a globe from a distance is observed as a dot and close by as a circle, the earth and the stars can also be perceived as two- or three-dimensional objects. This phenomenon manifests itself in everything and everyone according to perspective and dimension; everything is relative. We are part of the immense universe: on the one hand as a significant part, but on the other as a microscopic small part. The energy of a human being vibrates in the universe whereby the space around this human being is attuned to the frequency of the earth. In the Hindu writings, the Vedas, one can read about the creator Brahma. In a blink of an eye, he created the earth while actually millions of years had passed. In his expressions of light trapped in circular, multidimensional forms, conceptual light artist Clifton Mahangoe brings together the relativity in time perception together with life energy, called Prana. In his installations and videos, the artist appeals to everyone who wants to connect by means of light, in the belief that everything in the universe is connected by life energy.

Sphere 3D Spectrum brings stillness to the city: a moment of wonder and connection with each other. In the work, two opposites come together as harmonious partners. They form perfect circles surrounded by vibrations and spirals. In the projections, abstract dots and lines, images of sunlight, water reflections and swirling flocks of birds alternate.

About the artist

In the nineties Clifton Mahangoe was one of the first to use video projections of waterfalls and other natural phenomena on life-sized holo-, and water screens as decor pieces during commercial events. He often worked together with Dutch artists such as Mischa Klein and REL.These enchanting installations gave the visitor a stimulating sensation. From these applied designs, Mahangoe developed his current autonomous works. His oeuvre consists of videos and light installations in which Mahangoe creates a great attention for stillness. The artist has a deep interest in spirituality, energies and the meditative effect of natural phenomena. Nature in general, and water in particular, have a healing effect according to Mahangoe. Water acts as a mirror that confronts us with the hustle and bustle of our daily existence and at the same time brings us peace of mind. We find all these aspects in the videos and light installations of Mahangoe. The installations are often a succession of intertwined images: running water, reflections, shadow play, a sky full of stars. The slow rhythm of the sequences creates a mesmerizing and soothing effect. Important to the artist is the use of the circle, the symbol of infinity: the line without beginning or end.

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