Georgetown GLOW

Our longest-running partnership is with Georgetown Glow, an annual light art festival produced by the nonprofit Georgetown Business Improvement District.

Now on its eighth year, the festival aims to drive foot traffic into downtown retail and business areas, when this vibrant, picturesque neighborhood faces its winter slump.

Quality over quantity

We contributed several artworks from our collection to early editions of Georgetown Glow, which started out with most of its installations primarily from American artists.

Collaborating closely over the years has enabled us to inspire and influence our partners’ approach to art. When they decided that less is more, subsequent editions featured fewer artworks, but with greater impact. Yet our role in the festival continues to grow.

We now provide the majority of installations at Georgetown Glow from our collection. We advise on curatorial decisions, keeping in mind our partners’ goal to create colorful, accessible, interactive light art experiences that visitors of all ages will enjoy, share, and remember.

We also consult on production, giving both festival organizers and participating artists a single point of contact for all things technical. For our partners, this removes the complexity of coordinating with multiple artists for the buildup and breakdown of their work. Harmonious, delightful, and always memorable—that’s Georgetown Glow.


Our contribution



Bands of Friendship - Vikas Patil & Santosh Gujar
Open Lounge - Géraud Périole
My Light is Your Light - Alaa Minawi

Artworks on display 2018-2019

Artworks on display 2019-2020

Artworks on display 2022-2023


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