Darth Fisher

Have you ever taken a good look at the amazing design of the Toronto bridge at the Amstel, built in the late sixties? Streetart Frankey did just that and the imposing pillars of the bridge appealed to his imagination - they made him think of the futuristic, megalomaniac architecture that can be seen in the famous Star Wars movies.

And who is more home to a setting like that than Star Wars villain Darth Vader? Frankey’s version of Darth Vader is not holding his light sword or light saber, but a fishing rod. He is fishing, just like the many street fishers that can be spotted around cities, fishing for pike and bass in the waters. Compared to terrorizing brave movie heroes, this seems like quite an innocent activity.

About the artist

Under the pseudonym Streetart Frankey (NL), Frank de Ruwe (1977) puts a smile on the faces of passers-by in Amsterdam, with his touching observations and fun interventions on places all over the city. During his studies at the TU Delft De Ruwe was already busy with attaching stickers, painting with chalk and placing little objects on the street. In 2001 he moved to Amsterdam. There, many of his little artworks can be found on buildings, streets and bridges. De Ruwe has been adding light to his work as of recently: for the anniversary edition of Amsterdam Light Festival in 2021 he made his first light sculpture Darth Fisher.

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