Noor Riyadh Festival

A city-wide festival illuminating the capital. Light Art Collection participated with 11 artworks located around the city of Riyadh creating a transformative experience, shifting perceptions of familiar places and generating moments of wonder, reflection, and enlightenment.


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Participating artists

Northern Lights, Aleksandra Stratimirovic | Illusion Hole, UXU Studio | HALO II, VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX | City Gazing Riyadh, VOUW | Nocturnal Dialogue, Ralf Westerhof, and Talal Al Zeid | Parabolic Lightcloud, Amigo and Amigo | Rhizome, Tom & Lien Dekyvere | Run Beyond , Angelo Bonello | PictoSender Machine, Felipe Prado | Submergence, Squidsoup,



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Noor Riyadh Festival