River of Light

Light Art Collection partnered with Visit Liverpool to create River of Light, a waterfront illuminated gallery featuring light and sound creations by local, national and international artists.

After its redevelopment, Liverpool’s historic Waterfront—a historic dockyard studded with museums, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels—was ready to shine once more. All it needed was a spark that would help it draw attention, and magnetize the local residents and visitor traffic that would give it new life.

This was the task at hand for Visit Liverpool, the city’s official tourism organization. From its initial concept of a fireworks show along the banks of the Mersey River, Visit Liverpool’s vision grew bigger and brighter until it became a 10-day light festival called the River of Light.

Helping an iconic harbourfront shine again

Over the course of our collaboration, River of Light featured a total of seven artworks from our collection on an annual two-kilometer walking route of the shiny new Waterfront.

Our three-year partnership has been satisfying in many ways. As the festival’s reputation and scale grew over the years, so did the number of featured artworks from our collection alongside Visit Liverpool’s trust in our artistic and technical abilities.

It has been incredibly rewarding to collaborate with an organization whose curatorial eye has developed over the course of our partnership—always thematic, with a taste for the freshest, most interesting light art installations out there.

See for yourself in the videos on River of Light’s page—or visit Liverpool and experience the brilliance of its iconic Waterfront in full, vibrant color.


Our contribution


Artworks on display 2019

Artworks on Display 2020

Artworks on display 2021


© Rob Battersby, visit.liverpool
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