Brookfield Properties' IlluminoCity

In the bright light of day, city skyscrapers buzz with activity. But what happens after dark, when thousands of office workers switch off and head home? Even the liveliest public squares in high-traffic areas can turn into dark, deserted areas, especially in the cold winter months.

Brookfield Properties is one of the biggest real estate management firms in the world, with its own dedicated arts and culture department, Arts Brookfield. To keep plazas in the financial heart of London buzzing after hours, they partnered with us to create stunning light installations in three central locations: London Wall Place and Principal Place, both part of the City of London’s ‘Cultural Mile’ initiative, and Citypoint on the northern fringe of the City of London.

Joy, warmth and wonder

In the first year of our partnership, we worked closely with Brookfield Properties’ in-house curation team to select artworks from our catalog to bring ‘joy, warmth and wonder’ to their chosen locations. Visually captivating and eye-catching, the selected pieces generated buzz and drew free publicity from leading media outlets.

After curation, we provided turnkey installation through our local partners in London. Our full turnkey production eliminates all the hassle of transport, coordination, installation and dismantling, so that our clients can focus on what they do best and leave the rest to us.

Since then, we have moved into a consulting relationship with Brookfield Properties, advising them on light artworks suited to the particular atmosphere of their locations within the London commercial cityscape. IlluminoCity is a highlight of Arts Brookfield’s robust culture program, which features over 500 free art exhibition and cultural experiences per year, enjoyed by over a million attendees across Brookfield Properties worldwide.


Our contribution


Artworks on display 2018-2019

Greenhouse - Victor Engbers
Life of a Slime Mold - Nicole Banowetz
On the Wings of Freedom - Aether & Hemera
Rhizome - Tom & Lien Dekyvere

Artworks on display 2019-2020

Artworks on display 2021-2022



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