Illuminated Trails

Culture Creative leads in the production of illuminated trails worldwide. Blending music, fantasy, and atmosphere to create accessible family-oriented experiences, Culture Creative’s trails weave through some of the most spectacular parks and botanic gardens in the world, such as in Chicago, Houston, Boston, and San Diego in the United States, Leeds in the United Kingdom, and Perth and Sydney in Australia.

We linked up with Culture Creative to explore how we could infuse art into their playful, whimsical approach to illumination. After all, we encourage our partners to explore different directions and think out of the box. Why wouldn’t we rise to the challenge ourselves?

Light art without boundaries, without seasons

We work closely with Culture Creative to provide several key installations from our collection per illuminated trail, per location, which serve as the highlight centerpieces of each route.

From our first set of artworks in 2020, our partnership with Culture Creative has continued for three years and counting. Working together has enabled some of the most popular pieces from our collection to be seen by a variety of audiences, all year round, all around the world—in such locations as the London Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, and in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Melbourne, and Paris.

We are proud to find a happy middle between art and commerce with Culture Creative, helping them fulfill their mission to entertain and delight, while upholding the artistic value of our offering. Their illuminated trails continue to be popular season after season, ensuring more global collaborations, delighted audiences, and dazzling experiences for years to come.


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