In the Dutch city of Almere, the spring of 2022 has been synonymous with Floriade, the world’s largest garden and horticultural expo. After the 6-month event, Almere’s City Government decided to follow up the success of Floriade with Alluminous, the first-ever light art festival in Almere, held at the end of October.

We partnered with the City of Almere to bring Alluminous from concept to reality. Our work often takes us all over the world, but this time we were delighted to share our curatorial expertise and light artworks with neighbors, just around the corner from Amsterdam.

Nurturing homegrown heroes

The Alluminous route revolves around the Weerwater, a lake whose reflections provided a serene backdrop for our light art installations. Our curator Pam worked with Allluminous’ curator Ward Janssen to select pieces from our collection to complement and highlight locally made light art.

Half of the artworks on the route are created by local artists, commissioned by the city of Almere. Our collaboration with Alluminous enables us to support the vision of these artists who want to elevate their installations to a global standard. By sharing inspiration and expertise, we hope to welcome proudly Almere-made pieces into our collection in the not-too-distant future.

An estimated 30,000 visitors attended the first edition of Alluminous, making it a certified success. We can’t wait to be back at Alluminous in 2023, with more light art surprises and delights in store.


Our contribution


Artworks on display 2022


© Tanja Busking, Alluminous
© Clemens Wildschut, Alluminous