Festa delle Luci A2A - Light is Life

2023 was a momentous year for Italy. For the first time, the Italian Capital of Culture was not just one city, but two. For two weeks, the twin cities of Bergamo and Brescia would be transformed into open-air galleries featuring the work of 17 light artists from around the worldInitiated by power player Gruppo A2A for the benefit of energy poverty relief in the region, this festival was called Festa delle Luci A2A: Light is Life.

To realize its ambitious vision, A2A called in creative agency Casta Diva to spearhead the organization and events pioneer KitonB for artistic direction and production. Joining this powerhouse team, we brought our curatorial capabilities and light installations to the table—and the resulting collaboration was nothing less than spectacular.

A walkable story, from past to future

Our curator Pam Toonen joined the festival’s artistic team, led by renowned Italian light artist Angelo Bonello. Pam’s involvement paved the way for a number of artworks from our collection to be seamlessly woven into an unforgettable experience of the highest artistic and technical caliber.

Bergamo is a city, while Brescia is situated on top of a mountain. Both cities are linked by a deep history and rich cultural heritage, highlighted in the storyline sketched out by Bonello. Centered around the power of light to bring people together, the artistic narrative spanned generations from the origin of fire to the future of energy.

The beautiful Castello di Brescia, the city’s medieval crowning glory, was the starting point of a light art route that traveled along romantic piazzas and paths, in castles and courtyards, set to an evocative soundscape and complemented by architectural lighting. This line of light continued onwards to Bergamo, connecting both cities visually and conceptually, through space and time.

The two-week exhibition was a resounding success across both cities, with a massive turnout, long queues and enthusiastic visitor feedback. More than an exhibition, Light is Life: Bergamo-Brescia 2023 was an experience—a walkable story of art, culture and history in not only one, but two of the most stunning locations we have ever had the honor to work in.