Alliance for Downtown New York

New York City is home to some of the world’s most important art museums, housing everything from ancient wonders to Renaissance masterpieces, to contemporary art’s next big thing. Luckily, art lovers don’t have to buy tickets to a museum to see amazing art. All they have to do is walk the square mile south of Chambers Street—close to Wall Street and Broadway—thanks to the Alliance for Downtown New York.

Making Lower Manhattan an exciting, vibrant, and safe place to live, work and play for residents and local businesses is integral to the Downtown Allliance’s purpose. Not even a global pandemic could stop them from fulfilling their mission. Why should we let it stop us, either?

Color and interaction in a time of isolation

In 2020, we partnered with the Downtown Alliance to turn Lower Manhattan into an open-air museum for interactive light art. When global travel restrictions prevented our production technicians from flying to New York to install the art, we leveraged our local partnerships to get the installations up and running to bring color and interactivity in dark times.

The pandemic drained New York City of its usual deluge of tourists. Under lockdown, the atmosphere in the city was guarded and desolate. This made the work of bringing joy, wonder and hope to residents who had stayed behind even more meaningful. What better way to do it than with art?

By surmounted artistic, technical and logistical challenges, we are proud to have helped the Downtown Alliance amplify the transformative power of art, creating a bright spot in the dark—in more ways than one.


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Artworks on display 2021


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