Berlin Festival of Lights

Every autumn since 2005, Berlin’s most iconic monuments, buildings and squares become blank canvases for a festival of moving light projections, and its streets a map of stories told with light. But in 2022, the European energy crisis presented the Berlin Festival of Lights with a dilemma. How could the festival continue to deliver on its mission, despite the sharp increase in energy costs and rising public opinion on the energy crisis?

Luckily, creative solutions are our specialty. So we partnered with the Berlin Festival of Lights to help them realize that cutting down on energy doesn’t have to mean compromising artistic impact.

Low energy consumption, high artistic satisfaction 

Solving artistic, technical and logistical problems is integral to what we do. We think along with our partners, deliver customized solutions, and present alternatives for a wide variety of constraints. In this case, energy costs had to be minimized, and the scope of the festival tailored in view of the public sentiment around energy expenditure, yet still cover a large area of Berlin’s urban sprawl.

We are proud that our collection is primarily made up of installations that use LED, making the festival more energy-efficient than previous editions that mainly used projections. We worked closely with Berlin Festival of Lights to curate a selection of artworks from our collection that were not only energy-efficient, but also visually stunning crowd-pleasers.

Strategically placed in between the 35 festival venues, our eye-catching pieces were used to point visitors from one location to the next, extending the coverage area while consuming less energy. All in all, we helped the Berlin Festival of Lights consume 75% less energy than its previous edition—proving that sometimes, less is indeed more.