The Bloomlights are a series of lanterns that respond to passersby like an organic creature. Upon sensing a human, the Bloomlight slowly bends to meet them whilst unfurling its blooms to reveal a soft light, much like a curious organism might. The passerby experiences a rare sensation of being seen, and responded to, by a friendly-seeming machine, whilst they are comforted by the bloom’s warm glow. As they walk away, the Bloomlight gradually returns to its upright resting position, closes its bloom and dims its light, just like nothing ever happened.

Taking inspiration from nature, Bloomlight reimagines what street lighting could be: interactive, calming, breathtaking. The philosophy of the Bloomlight also encompasses a statement about light pollution; the light of the bloom only shines bright when it is needed, the rest of the time it is dim and passive, giving centre stage to the starlight above.

About the artist

Justus Bruns and Mingus Vogel met at Delft University of Technology and have been working together since 2017 under the name VOUW. The studio looks at what is happening in the world today and what the future will look like by creating physical installations that make the public space better for everyone. Instead of getting people addicted to their phones and isolate them from society, they believe technology should be used to create real and shared experiences.

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