Illuminate Adelaide

When it comes to bringing light art to new audiences, distance is never an issue for us. So when Illuminate Adelaide, the first-ever citywide winter celebration of innovation, music, technology and art in Adelaide, Australia came calling, we were only too happy to take our artwork across the world.

A large-scale, state-funded endeavor with room to expand over three years, Illuminate Adelaide is a well-oiled ship run by a complex organization, with several curators and a dedicated communication and production team. When we were invited to become part of its free, publicly accessible art program, we were only too happy to say yes.

Inviting the imagination to run wild

Several pieces from our collection featured as the eyecatchers of City Lights, an urban playground of color and sound. Sprinkled among Adelaide’s streets and iconic monuments, our light art installations were among the highlights of the festival’s free program, which brought Adelaide residents together and invited them to rediscover their city with a sense of imagination and wonder.

Illuminate Adelaide enabled us to showcase some of the most popular works from our collection in a thoughtfully curated program, consisting of three weeks of talks, concerts, and events at the highest artistic level. Opportunities like this make us happy and proud to do the work we do, and keep us going in our mission to connect, move and enlighten people all over the world through the universal language of meaningful light art.


Our contribution


Artworks on Display 2022


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