Lynne Leegte’s installation Windows is an extension of the window art of the 17th century Baptist Singel Church located in Amsterdam. Like today, religious freedom was under pressure in the 17th century. In the relatively liberal, Calvinist country of the Netherlands, people practicing other religions (including the Mennonites) had to hold their services in ‘shelter churches’ like the Singel Church. 

These churches could not be recognised as such and were often located in houses or barns. After centuries, Leegte puts the modest Singelkerk in the forefront again, and makes religion part of public life in the city. The radiant light from the windows makes the building a beacon of warmth and security in the dark night.

About the artist

Artist Lynne Leegte (1965) has been making dreamy sculptures, photographs and installations since her graduation from the Groningen Art Academy Minerva. Her work is often related to (the transient nature of) the human body, and depicts for example individual body parts, mirrors, handkerchiefs, books and letters.

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