The Walk

The Walk is a huge, 2.5-meter diameter sphere comprising 5000 pixels with a total of 35,000 LED’s. The sphere is both an object and a spherical screen showing a 7,5-minute-long video loop. The intense, red glow of the lamps in Ex’s globe produce an enthralling variety of colour and movement. The spherical shape and its change of light give the impression that it is a rotating orb. 

The viewer is invited to approach the sphere and walk around it, getting absorbed by its lights. In this form of interaction between spectator, space and object, visitors are not only spectators captivated in a play of light and imagery, but they are also participants, in a journey in search of light. 

About the artist

Titia Ex is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her visual light & media sculptures are immersive with their dynamic, movable forms and interactive characters. In the course of light and dark, the cycles of day and night, they reflect related changes of mood. At any moment of the day, these works can change their meaning. The interactivity is expressed by inviting everyone to participate and enter the space in a way that is different from what it appears to be. This experience is unique and personal. Light is a promise, elusive and emotional.

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