Take Flight!

Ralf Westerhof created this line drawing of a white bird taking flight. As a symbol it can be used in different settings, symbolising freedom and peace is the most common. On the school where it was first placed it symbolised young adults, ready for the world leaving the nest. The specific placement of the lines in 3D space gives a coherent yet different drawing from various angles. Bright LED neon flex makes the work energy efficient and a highly visible eye catcher, able to lure people from afar.

About the artist

Ralf Westerhof started his creative career as a theatre scenographer and a visual artist creating several kinetic sculptures. These spatial drawings, inspired by Egon Schiele, are made of hand-bent wires that retain their shape through a number of vertical lines that hang from a mobile. In 2014, he took part in the Amsterdam Light Festival and this resounding performance enabled him to subsequently realize a series of new productions and exhibitions all over Europe, as well as in Asia and South America.

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© Mattias Lindh
© Muriel Chaulet
© Ralf Westerhof