Social Sparkles

A cloud of elements wait calmly. When you enter the area they live up, the elements get in motion. A swarm of lights fills the air above you. This invites you to move too. It creates a lively interaction between you, the light, and others.

Will we, as social animals, follow in their footsteps and enthusiastically seek contact with other visitors? Social Sparkles is a work of art that autonomously, meaning apart from the spectator, seeks a new path.

About the Artist

Industrial designer Wouter Widdershoven and artist Castor Bours have been working as Studio Toer since 2007. In their work, they explore the boundaries between product and spatial design, and in their explorative design projects search for new interventions. Their kinetic works are characterised by the use of subtle materials and a clear visual language.

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© Frank Karssing
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