Sneaky Serpents

Under water it’s crawling with water snakes. Just like frogs that only croak when they feel safe, the snakes wait until they don’t hear anything: then they multiply at lightning speed. 

As underwater glow-worms, they sway across the bottom, until someone makes a sound: then they quickly shoot away. There will be people who want the animals to disappear as quickly as possible. Others will quietly wait and enjoy the illuminated snakes, as if a party is going on under water. 

About the artist

Tropism Art & Science Collective was founded in 1986 by Alfred Marseille, Robin Noorda and Bob van Walderveen †. Current members also include Menno Schrap, Margot van de Stolpe, Paul Godschalk and a range of guest Tropists. Taking their lead from the biological phenomenon, the Tropists are a Dutch collective of installation artists, photographers, media artists, designers, cineasts and scientists. In their work they deal with phenomena occurring literally or figuratively at the edge of perception - events that are hardly noticed, but which lead to a reaction similar to the manner in which a plant responds to light (e.g. phototropism.) The Tropists feel a great affinity with the natural world and their works seek to depict natural phenomena in new and unusual ways.

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© Janus van der Eijnden