Point of Contact

Satoru Tamura has created an oversized electric switch that creates sparks on a brass rod. By the movement of the switch, Point of Contact closes the electrical circuit on and off, resulting in a column of light bulbs that is repeatedly illuminated and obscured. Tamura sees light as a phenomenon rather than as technology and his aim is to create a pure, self-reflective work with our any further meaning. 

Point of Contact has won the International Light Art Award 2019, an initiative of the Centre for International Light Art Unna and Innogy Foundation to show works by emerging artists, who will contribute to the development of light art
in an innovative and creative way.

About the artist

Satoru Tamura is a multimedia artist who creates sculptures, kinetic art, video works, and installations with electricity and light. Tamura creates art based on the theme ‘destruction of meaning’, to seek for pure ideas without a background.

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