Melody Dots II

Melody Dots II is a ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’ in which different kind of arts come together. It is a sculpture consisting of a semi-circular screen and a kinetic mobile with colourful disks that moves in the wind. The sound, written especially for this work, creates rhythmic interruptions of the glass plates that reflect the colourful dots.

And although the beauty of this work lies in all its ingenuity, that is not the first concern of Japanese artist Yoko Seyama. Her real interest is what all these art forms result in, which, in her own words, is a sculpture of pure light. To her it is about the dots, dancing on the screen, sometimes finding each other and fusing, then going their own way again.

About the artist

The Berlin-based Japanese scenographer and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama specializes in spatial time-based art. Her background is architecture and performing arts. Her works combine digital elements with natural materials, which she is working into mutating spaces in Public Spaces, Theaters, Museums, Galleries. Light is one of her primary materials. Her scenographic works often include light and kinetic sculptures. She creates her scenographic works for ballet from contemporary to classical, opera, musical, and concert. She has collaborated with various choreographers, directors, and composers and her installations have been exhibited throughout the world.
Dirk P. Haubrich was born in 1966 in Saarbrücken, Germany. During a 4 year residence in London he studied composition and improvisation with Phillip Wachsmann. Dirk P. Haubrich moved to The Hague, the Netherlands, to study at the Royal Conservatory ‘Sonology’, electronic music composition. His love for dance and stage elaborated while working with the Frankfurt Ballet and Billy Forsythe in Eidos-Telos. In the field of dance Haubrich composed many pieces in the collaborations with Jirí Kylián, Krisztina de Châtel, Bruno Listopad, Yoko Seyama 瀬山葉子, Wang Yuanyuan 王媛媛, Megumi Nakamura 中村恩恵, Jitti Chompee and Shen Wei 沈伟. He premiered his pieces in various theaters around the world. Currently he lives in Berlin, Germany.

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