Lumenus tells a story of how separate pieces can collaborate to create synergy. Initially created by a group of Industrial Design and Built Environment students of Eindhoven University of Technology, this installation fuses both disciplines into a parametric design with integrated lighting and interaction. In this way the artwork proposes a glimpse into the future where integrated lighting will make more structures around us come to life. 

The installation is based on Buckminster Fuller’s ‘tensegrity’, which purpose is to create maximum aesthetic value with a minimum use of material. Inspired by the mechanics of biology, tensegrity balances tension and compression until it reaches structural balance. Combined with lighting, this results into a spacious sculpture with tubes that appear to be floating.

About the artist

Timo Lejeune and Julius Oosting both graduated at the Technical University of Eindhoven in Industrial Design. As key figures in the Lumenus project they have continued to maintain and exhibit the artwork after its debut at Glow Eindhoven. Currently the artists are primarily active at music festivals as ‘Lumus Instruments’, developing creative lighting that merge design, architecture and technology.

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