Light Wave

A surreal landscape of ice lollies. And these lollies come in the weirdest flavours: strawberry-basil, mango-aubergine, endives and ink. Some of them may not sound particularly appetising… but they sure look the part! 

OBBA – short for the Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture – named this work Light Wave. Because it resembles a wave of light. The wave isn’t formed by actual ice lollies, but by dozens of paddles made from semi-transparent, reflective vinyl. The paddles are all mounted on separate flexible posts, of varying length. Together they form the image of a rolling wave. 

In their work, OBBA purposely use non-architectural, everyday materials. Because they want to create surreal environments. Anyway, for me, it looks like a landscape of ice lollies. Because they have coloured shadows – particularly when you see them during the day. As if your ice lolly is starting to melt. Yellow, red, orange and other sticky-sweet colours are dripping on the street. It feels like a warm summer’s day – even though it’s the dead of winter.

About the artist

OBBA, Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture (South Korea), is an international architecture studio founded in May 2012 by Sojung Lee and Sangjoon Kwak. They are particularly interested in installation projects that use non-architectural, everyday materials to create new and surreal spaces and settings.

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© Janus van der Eijnden