Inversion Waterfall

What the artists of UxU Studio have come up with is nothing less than an act of defiance to the laws of nature. A waterfall that flows along as facade. But not downwards, upwards!

It shows just how far you can actually go with light. How it can trick you into accepting something even though you know it’s impossible. Light is the fastest-moving thing in the universe, as every scientist will confirm. But it’s also the most elusive phenomenon we can think of. And the most enchanting. Like there’s nothing it can’t do.

About the artist

UxU Studio, founded in 2011 by Kuan-Hung Chen and Ying-Chu Chen, is a Taiwanese collective of architects, designers, and artists. Their experimental, multidisciplinary approach leads to surprising (light)objects, which are often made of simple and ordinary materials. Sometimes, this results in big installations to wander in or just to quietly sit in. Other times, they enlarge or reduce a recognizable thing or image to a surrealistic size.

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© Janus van der Eijnden