Galloping Horse

Galloping Horse is focusing on the movement of the gallop itself, as the subject of its creation. The animated sculpture forces us to realise to what extent we are movement. We are movement in our actions as we ride a horse, or even when we imitate a galloping horse, for example through child play. But we are also movement in our perceptions: through the many light diodes, it is impossible not to see the horse or to feel its strong galloping momentum during a pleasant afternoon ride. 

With no more than 18 moving points, the galloping movement is transmitted. The horse is not present, but created by our perception through its movement, through its gallop. It is impossible to describe the sculpture. It is only when you face the object, from all possible angles, that the presence of the horse comes to life through its movement.

About the artist

Rémi Brun has been working as a movement engineer for over 15 years, specialising in motion capture for 3D images & special effects for the cinema as well as scientific research. From being able to manipulate movement in all its shapes & forms, Rémi has come to see movement like a material of its own, independent from its matter, its shape, sound and colour.

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