Fallen Chandelier

The audiovisual installation Fallen Chandelier is based on a sonification of a controlling system causing the flickering of forty light bulbs within a fallen chandelier. Twenty interconnected starters, similar those commonly found in fluorescent tubes, generate an irregular light rhythm. This occurs by means of bimetallic strips which are heated up in a tube and thus come in contact with one another in rapid sequence. This process is audible. Each starter generates its own rhythm, which has a different sound depending on the brand, make-up, and degree of the starters.

About the artist

Since completing his studies of fine arts with Claus Böhmler and Ernst Mitzka at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, Tilman Küntzel has devoted himself to issues of the reception of aesthetic orders especially with regard to their interaction with audio-visual perception. Küntzel’s boundary-transcending and hedonistically experimental field of activity in the border zone between science and art ranges from graphic works to multi-media objects and spatial animations in specific settings, as well as acoustic and video works presented internationally at festivals.

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