Eye to Eye

Selmani’s work Eye to Eye represents a giant eye-shaped amulet, a nazar, that protects people, animals, and objects from the evil eye. The nazar amulet is a popular symbol in the Middle East.
Selmani magnified this familiar ‘pop icon’ to become an instrument that protects the city. At the same time, Eye to Eye is a landmark watching over us that speaks to our deepest selves.

Selmani’s all-seeing eye always watches us, but not as a threatening Big Brother who wants to retain full control, or as a surveillance camera that invades our privacy. Eye to Eye is a landmark watching over us and creating a safe and peaceful zone. That feeling of safety is what Selmani wants his visitors to experience also on a personal level: his talisman speaks with calming blue light and a glowing aura directly (‘eye to eye’) to our deepest individual being, brings peace and encourages us.

About the artist

Driton Selmani lives and works in Pristina, Kosovo. He creates a variety of work: drawings, videos, photographs, sculptures and installations. In addition to his personal experiences, political, cultural and historical symbols and signs play an important role in his work.

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