Drawn in Light

Drawn in Light is a large sculpture made of stainless steel. In this installation, the metal wire is hand bent into a monumental house and the elements around it (trees, light posts, people, etc), together forming a recognizable image.

These metal wires reflect light and are therefore visible during the dark winter nights. As the installation rotates in an orbit, the result is a continuously moving, ever changing, layered, light-emitting line drawing in the dark sky.

When artist Ralf Westerhof submitted his idea for Edition #2 of Amsterdam Light Festival, he was asked to make his artwork double the size. Since then, his career has gotten a boost!

About the artist

Ralf Westerhof (1977) started his creative career as a theatre scenographer and a visual artist creating several kinetic sculptures. These spatial drawings, inspired by Egon Schiele, are made of hand-bent wires that retain their shape through a number of vertical lines that hang from a mobile. In 2014, he took part in the Amsterdam Light Festival and this resounding performance enabled him to subsequently realize a series of new productions and exhibitions all over Europe, as well as in Asia and South America.

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